Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunset Road

sunset road
Style, July 7th 2010
After a day of on and off weather you never know what to expect out of the sunset. It was anything but disappointing. The sky looked like a watercolor. It was made even better by the summer air still warm from the day. Kev and I headed down to the bay to watch the sunset and take some pictures. I promise one day we will post up here with a bonfire, picnic basket, blankets, and a bottle of wine. 
sunset road
sunset road sunset road
I've had this crochet top for a few months. This is the first time I've worn it. I couldn't figure out what to wear it with. I know it seems like such a simple top, but for whatever reason I was completely stumped. I remembered these pants in the back of my closet, from there the shoes fell into place, and I knew I wanted to use the bag. When outfits come together that easy, I think they're always so much more enjoyable to wear. 
sunset road
sunset road
sunset road
This Coach bag is my moms. She bought it in the 60's and it has stayed in wonderful condition. I really like how the leather is worn. I wonder where this bag has been and what it's seen. Especially because it's my moms. Was it there the day my parents met? Did she use it on her way to college classes? Take it with her work everyday? I should probably ask her. 
sunset road
sunset road
Modcloth Crochet de Leche Sweater, Sanctuary Pants, Wedges from Anthropologie
My Moms Vintage Coach Bag, Necklace from Kahili Creations
sunset road sunset road
sunset road sunset road
Kev and I spent the rest of the night at the house, unwinding and being a real couple. It was such a luxury having him around all the time. Even if we were just sitting there watching tv, or going through our bedtime rituals, it was still really nice.
sunset road
sunset road
(I'm working through some photo problems today. These pictures are all crisp on my computer, but when resized they are going out of focus!)
I'm so happy to let you all know that Mikhaila  of Thriftaway Vintage decided to feature me in her first edition of Blogger Spotlight! You can see the full post of question and answers here, you might even be surprised. Thanks Mikhaila!

My two week vacation is officially over. It was so hard to pack up and get back in the mindset of work, but c'est la vie. Or something like that. How was everyone else's weekend?


Anonymous said...

oooo i LOVEEE this top. and i really love the details on the wedges. what a perfect day this looks like!

xo, Kim

Fashion Butter said...

Wow! Love that top! And your bag - lucky duck!

Little Ocean Annie said...

Welcome back!
It's so cool that you get to have your mom's bag! You should ask her about it's adventures for sure.I'm it's seen some interesting things!

ps: are you resizing your images through blogger? that happened to me, but it goes away if I upload them thru flickr and resize them with html

Lea's Suitcase said...

yay for stylish moms... that bag is fantastic :)

Caroline said...

That bag is AMAZING!!! And I love the photo with the feet!! xo

snowcast said...

Hey! I found your blog off thrift way vintage, I love your outfits!
the third picture on the left in this blog, looks like you and your dog are looking at the same thing haha, its cute :)

Ellie Rose said...

Awww I love the picture of both your feet (or paws) so sweet

Ellie Rose xx

Alexis Holden said...

Love the crochet top! so perfect for summer!!!
Lovely blog! Your dog is so cute!

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing. and i <3 the photo of you and lua's feet/paws, actually made me grin madly!


That picture of you and Lua's paws is probably my favorite thing I've seen all week.

I have this adorable picture of a friend of mine napping in my bed with his head under a pillow and my dog is beside him with his head under a pillow too. This reminds me of that. :)

Romance Is Boring said...

love the crochet top so much!
That photograph of your shoes and your dog's paws is adorable :)


Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

Morgan, these pictures are BREATHTAKING!!! Really! I absolutely love that top and I think you chose the most perfect way to wear it. The picture with your feet next to Lua's paws is absolutely ADORABLE.

By the way, are you going to the Chictopia conference?

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