Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Bridge

Style, July 8th
After yet another beach day, Kev and I decided to head out of town and try a new BBQ joint. Thirty minutes later we arrived and realized it was more of a take out place than eat in. No problem, I actually really enjoyed the drive with him. Driving with Kev is much better than driving without him. We headed fifteen minutes back towards home and went to a nice little pub. It was just what we needed. A little greasy pub food and a hearty brew after all the healthy food from the week.
We stopped at this park on the way out of town to take some shots and I had every intention of getting great woodsy, lost in the greenery shots when the path we were on led right to this little bridge and I couldn't resist. 
bridge bridge
bridge bridge
I wore this dress way back in the beginning of April for my second ever set of outfit pictures. It was half of my very first purchase from Modcloth. It's also what I'm wearing in my profile picture. I love the top detail on this dress.
bridge bridge
I haven't talked much about all the traveling I've done. When I was in high school I went to Paris and Rome on a school trip. It was a trip taken by the latin and french classes in my public school and was the first time I had ever been abroad. I bought this amber bracelet in Rome. My favorite pieces of jewelry and clothing are things that have come from my travels or been passed down through my family. I remember standing in the shop that was filled to the brim with amber jewelry trying to decide between bracelets for the longest time. There are little petals suspended inside this one. I've been back to both Paris and Rome since, which is pretty amazing.
bridge bridge
I always find it easier to wear pants and a top than a dress. For some reason dresses have been very hard for me to wear. I've branched out recently and have a made some dress purchases over the last few months. It's hard for me to wear them in a way that fits into my very casual life. I think the boots and purse did the trick in making this potentially very feminine outfit more casual. I love the dress, which is why I bought it in the first place, it's just that I sometimes have trouble feeling myself in things that are very girlie. 
Modcloth Apricot Dream Dress, JCrew Belt
Amber Bracelet from Rome, Vintage Boots from Capricious Traveler, Vintage Purse from OCaptain Shop
Flowers in hair from my moms garden

Kev and I finished out the relaxing day with a relaxing night at home. Oh, how I miss vacation. 
Are you a dress gal or do find it easier to wear tops and bottoms?
I'm still having some trouble with the focus of the smaller pictures. They are fine both on my computer and in picnik, but when I transfer them to flickr something happens and they go out of focus! If anyone has any ideas why this is happening, or ways to put larger images together and resize them from there without photoshop, I'd really appreciate it!


Chloe Trayner said...

What a lovely outfit. You succeeded in not making it overwhelmingly feminine and I love those boots. Great photos too, a bridge is such a lovely setting. I prefer dresses because its so much easier than matching things for me, I used to be purely top and bottoms though. Strange how things change over time.

Maria Confer said...

That location is gorgeous. I adore your dress with it's crochet sleeves and the bag is still making me drool. Ha, the one that got away! ;)

Lulu Letty

Becca said...

It's so fun to compare these shots to the earlier set where you are wearing the same dress. I must say, you look so much more relaxed in front of the camera in these pictures! Trust me, I don't mean that as a jab at all - I cringe looking at some of my first outfit photos. Oh, how far we've come! I think one of the best parts of having a personal style blog is getting to see how my style evolves and being able to track all the interesting places I take a certain piece of clothing (be it literal in terms of location or otherwise in terms of styling a certain piece of clothing in different ways).

Amanda said...

I lovelove your outfit! You look stunning.

I used to have a hard time wearing dresses too, but it's much easier now. Especially since it's summer and so hot. I think about half of my wardrobe is dresses now!

Sherrie Cola said...

I love your boots! I tend to wear tops and bottoms more but occasionally wear dresses when i go out or really hot days, which can be refreshing :)

Mikhaila said...

Love the dress with the boots (which are so awesome btw)!

Brittany said...

Your photos are lookin great, lady! I really love the lighting in these, & the 2nd to last one is especially lovely!

myedit said...

What an awesome dress!
Thanks for your comment on my fixing animals post... I also volunteer at an animal shelter (more in the winter due to time...) and it kills me how many big dogs end up there. People freak out over squirmy little pups and don't realize that they become big, needy (not in a negative way...) animals that take a lot of work. haha... I'll shut up now, I could go on foreverrrrr...

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