Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tomboy Train Tracks

This is the first real vacation post! After the wedding Kev and I, in separate cars, struggled through 4th of July traffic and headed out to Long Island. We spent the first day relaxing, sitting at the beach and having a few drinks with our Mexican dinner. We didn't take any pictures. These are from Tuesday the 6th. We actually spent that day at the beach too. That's what vacations are all about though, right? A whole day at the beach followed by a relaxing night of nothing.
tomboy train
We ate dinner with my family and then headed out to get ice cream / take pictures. I received these Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords in the mail right before I left for vacation. I really like the texture and the tone of the leather. I knew I wanted to wear my white jeans with this particular combination, but felt conflicted about it. Personally, I really like white jeans. For some reason I starting thinking that no one else likes them! So I reasoned with myself and thought I'm not everyone else wearing these jeans, just myself, so I might as well wear what I like.
It can get tricky having a blog and reminding yourself that you're not always out to please other people. And in the same breath you sort of are. It's something I think other people struggle with as well. I started this blog to define my own personal style and figure out what was right for me. Now that people read it (which I'm so grateful for!) sometimes it takes a minute to remember that I'm still only dressing myself, not everyone else. Does that make sense? Anyone else struggle with this?
Now onto this glorious bag. It is from Maria of Lulu Letty's Etsy shop OCaptain. She has such a diverse mix of items in her Etsy shop. It's worth checking out! The bag reminds me of the years I spent horseback riding. I'm not exactly sure why. Something about the combination of worn in leather with brass buckles and clasps reminds me of tack I suppose.
This portion of the train tracks are no longer in use. It used to the be the original ending, but was extended in a different direction years later. Manhattan-ites would hop on the train on weekends and head out 'east' to do some fishing and relaxing in this beach town. I think it's pretty cool that these tracks are so close to this pond. I just like it.
Madewell Top, Dont Remember White Jeans, Dont Remember Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords from Modcloth
Custom Pink Rose Ring from Morado Shop, Vintage 70's Leather Purse from OCaptain Shop
Flower in hair from my mom's garden, secured with an alligator clip

Kev and I completely indulged in some Ben & Jerry's that night. We each ordered the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. I love cinnamon ice cream. I say that we completely indulged because I'm dairy free and Kev is sugar free, both out of necessity. A few years ago I found out that dairy was my trigger food for break outs, and for me that was a huge problem. Kev gets really bad migraines, to the point where he temporarily looses sight, and he reasoned that sugar was his trigger. Needless to say I broke out in the morning, and Kev got a terrible migraine the next day. Ops. Maybe next time we can use the recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream Maria showed on her blog. I think I'll be able to adapt that into a nice non dairy version for myself. And maybe even a no artificial sugar version for Kev. Next time though.
Can anyone relate to what I'm thinking here? Conflicted about dressing for yourself or others? Bueller, Bueller? By the way, what's your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?
I may have a special thing coming up involving more puppies and kittens, any interest in that? Lua said she's sick of not getting enough face time. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the white jeans, and especially with that Madewell top. Quite cute!

Anonymous said...

The white jeans are great, I think they make a lovely pop in your outfit.

Now I want icecream, but it's winter. Bad idea.

libys11 said...

i totally love how this outfit was put together!! so classy, chic, stylish and just gorgeous!! love the shoes a lot! :D

Animated Confessions

Mikhaila said...

Ooo great pictures, I love railroad tracks! I think they make for amazing photo ops. I love your outfit, I've got nothing against white jeans ;) especially when they are paired so well with other items. Those shoes are awesome, I've been searching for a pair of oxfords that fit my budget-no luck so far! That bag from LuLu Letty's shop is cuuuute. It reminds me of one I recently picked up thrifting. It's in my store but I've been using it myself bc it's so darn cute. I know what you mean about staying true to yourself and not dressing for others...somedays I get really overwhelmed by all the stylish girls out there and feel like I will never be up to par and I should just quit this whole darn blog thing BUT then I just remind myself that if we all looked and dressed the same it wouldn't be exciting and I started my blog for ME and my store bc it's what I love. I find that when I stay true to myself, those are the outfits I feel best in.

well that was lengthy! :P

Anonymous said...

white jeans are a summer favorite of mine !! I actually wore them for the first time this summer to work this week. These pics are just beautiful & make me appreciate these summer months. My question is- how do you look so flawless in this heat?

I am in search for some oxford's fitting to me- I saw some light Sam Edelman (that may even be mistaken for a ballet flat) - We will see though- I guess I am self conscious that they will make my legs look stubby or look silly on me... eeek!You pull them off amazingly... what other outfits would you wear them with?

Any way - I am definitely trying the oatmeal cinnamon ice cream at some point this weekend considering that oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and the only cookie you will see me eat! Cherry Garcia froyo is also amazing!

Enjoy the rest of your week:)


Anonymous said...

I love white jeans. I just refuse to buy them, well, because I am a slob. I do own a white denim skirt that I've managed to avoid staining, so perhaps a pair of pants could be arranged? Anywho, the outfit is cute!

p.s. Oatmeal Cookie Chunk is my favorite ben & jerry's flavor - so yum.

Smile, Bernice said...

I LOVE white jeans but I am always afraid they will be dirty within 5 minutes.


J and I spent the entire day of the 4th lounging on the beach at Lake Tahoe and spent the evening making food and lounging around our cabin. It was a perfect day! Glad to hear yours was so nice as well!

Maria Confer said...

Morgan, I'm in love with your relaxed and yet pulled together look. The woven JC oxfords are gorgeous.

I too, often ask myself if I'm dressing to please myself or my readers. It's mostly for myself but a bit for my readers. But it is a weird balance.

The bag looks so awesome. I'm so glad you like it!! You're making me wish I never listed it! ;)

Lulu Letty

SarahAnn said...

I love white jeans. I just think they make my bottom look big. On you? Perfect. This is one of my most favorite things that you've ever worn, and sheesh I wish I was on the beach with you and Kev right this INSTANT.

Santina said...

I love this look! I am a huge fan of menswear inspired looks and this one is just the right amount of preppy boy. The shoes are amazing, and if I could wear white jeans like you, I would definitely do so.

I agree that Lua isn't getting enough face time...and it's such an adorable face!


Archives said...

LOVE the cognac bag and belt! so perfect with those white jeans! :D

Chandler said...

your outfit is so cute! I love it

Becca said...

Hi Morgan! I can't remember if I've ever commented here before, but I've been lurking for a while (creep alert!). I wanted to pitch in because I totally know what you're saying about dressing for yourself v. others. It's a bizarre blogging Catch-22. I don't think I can offer any solutions, but I have plenty of empathy.

I'm loving your train tracks photo shoot and your brogues! I've been wanting to take outfit photos on train tracks or in a field for a while now - it almost seems like a blogger rite of passage. Damn my city life for depriving me of both of these backdrops!

sharonlei said...

Hi there! Just stumbled across your lovely blog. :) These photos are gorgeous and so are you. You look fabulous in those white jeans and the Jeffrey Campbell shoes are amazing. I've always wanted a pair of white jeans, but never came across one that didn't make me look short. :(

Well, hope you're doing well! I'll definitely stop by again.. oh and your pup is so cute!

xx Love & Aloha

Romance Is Boring said...

I'm a fan of the white jeans! I'm like you actually.. I sometimes forget that I should only dress for myself, not others - but I think it's a bit trickier when you have a blog?

Now following your blog! You seem like such a lovely person; hope you and your boyfriend have recovered form the icecream! :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a cute blog. BTW, you look amazing in white jeans!

Daša said...

Your outfit is amazing <3
I love reading your blog, if you have a chance you can check out my blog and if you want follow as well: :)

Eat, Sleep, Denim said...

Very cute outfit, I really love the shoes and the bag!
Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

Melissa said...

For what it's worth, I love the white jeans!

I had an aversion to them for a long time for the same reason, I thought everyone else hated them. But I'm trying to branch out and wear things I like for me, not everyone else.

I do agree with everything you wrote, it's hard when you have a blog to feel like you're only dressing yourself...but really, you ARE only dressing yourself. Sort of. Ugh.

Daša said...

Hello :) I’m featuring you on my blog as best outfit of the week! You can see it here:
Take care, Daša

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