Friday, July 9, 2010

Philly Love

Hiiiii Everyone! My name is Kim from eat.sleep.wear. and Morgan graciously asked if I could do a guest post for her today. Of course I said yes because what is better then playing on someone else's blog for the day!?!? Morgan was actually just in Philly, where I live, and of course I was out of town and missed her! I figured it would be fitting to take my photos on the good old streets of Brotherly Love to paint the picture of where we might have been walking had we gotten the chance to gab, shop and walk around.

There is something so classic about a girl in a skirt and some oversized shades. Do I always imagine myself twirling down the street and swinging to and fro street lamps, singing while I go? YES. This is exactly how I feel in an outfit like this. I love the old school feel of these shades too. Match my blonde goldie locks and were such a steal from forever21. When I walk home from work, I love to just get lost and discover new neighborhoods. So this was a day for walking slow and taking in the city I call home. It has been SWELTERING all up and down the East Coast this past week or so, so please, GO JUMP IN A POOL ALREADY. I plan too ;)

Big thanks again to Morgan for letting me have some play time on her sweet blog. I hope you enjoy this time off with your man and your cutie pie Lua. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

[tank: target / skirt: f21 / necklace: uo / shades: f21 / shoes: aerosoles]


Hope you enjoyed my little addition today! Come stop by and play on my blog eat.sleep.wear. and say HI! I will most likely be eating a cupcake when you do ;) Philly Love to All. xo, Kim


libys11 said...

aaahh i love it!! the outfit is absolutely lovely and perfect for summer!! great guest post! :D

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merl said...

You are adorable personified. Pretty sure you'd make a killing if you could bottle up that bubbly zest and sell it.. give it a cupcake scent and name and I'M SOLD.

How can you look so FRESH while its 1009838 degrees out?! Seriously lady, start teaching.



The print on your skirt is fantastic!

Excellent guest post!

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