Thursday, July 8, 2010

what would morgan wear

hello! and welcome to another addition of...

what would morgan wear?
(applause and hooting and hollering)

today's guest comes to us from southern california.

please welcome paige of barefoot & vintage!

now wait just a second, folks...our dear friend paige is pouting! why...whatever could it be that's making her so sad??

aahhhhh...turns out our guest has nothing to wear!

look how boring and unstylish her outfit is!
(lots of booing)

whatever will paige do??

oh look! it appears that paige has an idea!

she wants to know...

what would morgan wear??
(more applause and whistles and hooting)

we all know that morgan has impeccable style...from stripes to chambray, head scarves to platform clogs...morgan's style is nothing short of classic prep with a twist of earthy, hippie goddess.

okay folks, it seems that paige has consulted with morgan and found a possible solution to her wardrobe woes!

(applause, hooting, hollering, cat calling, whistling)

while morgan does agree that this look is freaking fantastic, she thinks something may be missing...

hmmmmm...whatever it could be??

looks like paige may have found a solution...

over-sized vintage sunnies and a chambray blouse??

who knew?!

morgan did. that's who.

(whoopty wooting, crazy "off the scale" applause)

paige is getting sassy and looks like a million bucks! she's ready to hit the beach for an evening and boyfriend in tow. (wink wink)

well folks, this wraps up another addition of

what would morgan wear??
(boos and crying)

come back next week, when morgan teaches us all how to walk in those amazing, but tall, jeffrey campbell platforms...without looking like a drunk baby giraffe.
(hoorays and applause and excited nodding)

oh and one more thing...


i hope you enjoyed my guest blogging! come on over to barefoot & vintage for more shenanigans...and some fashion here and there.
oh! and come visit me on etsy, too!
i sell some vintage and i'm getting ready to update the shop with lots of summer goodies!

and're a sweetpea! i hope your time with kev has been fun and relaxing and two deserve it! (hi kev!) i'll guest blog for you anytime!




Morgan and Lua said...

Crazy applause!!
hahaha I love it! I want more shows!! and I'll take "classic prep with a twist of earthy, hippie goddess." anyday.
Love the outfit too. Good work.
Thanks so much Paige! I love guest blogging.

SarahAnn said...


jemina said...

PAIGE is hands down a genius, fabulous post!!!, xoxo

Lynzy said...

AW! Paige is one of my favorites, great feature!!

xo Lynzy
Come enter my bow headband giveaway!

merl said...

This is what happens when you get cocky and think your guest post is going to be amazing.. some Paige bimbo comes along and knocks you out of the park. I'M CRYING. this was hilarious. Kudos ms thang, kudos!


This is so fantastically cute! :)

Anonymous said...


HAHAHAHAHA. i love the dialogue in this post!!! And you are so CUTE paige!!!!!!! Love the outfit. love you.

xo, Kim

Swalvs said...

Ah this is fantastic! Loved it!!!

Second Skin said...

this is maybe one of the greatest guest posts ever.

Kate said...

Bahahaa, this post was amazing! So cute & funny. You're both just adorable.

myedit said...

Ha! That's awesome... One day I hope to be a cut-out on your popsicle stick ( now that I wrote it I see that it sounds very dirty, sorry, you get the point).

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