Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swimming Pup

More Lua, less me.
Sunday we drove back to my parent's house at the midway point on Long Island. It was super overcast and pretty cold. When Kev and I got back he ate quickly and then continued on his way to Maryland. We headed down to the end of the block before he left to left Lua take for a little dip. She loves the water. I'd say it's #1 on her obsession list. Also on that list are skateboards, balls, and other dogs. And not always in a good way.
Ready, Set, Go
This is the bay. Just over that bridge in the background is the ocean. It was amazing to grow up so close to all this water. I can't imagine it having been any different. Kev and I took a trip out to Denver in January of 2009. It was the first time I was in the middle of the country. Strange experience to say the least. I kept looking for the harbors. Ask Sarah. She can vouch for me.
Outfit was me trying to be uncomplicated on a gray, get in the car and drive a while day. This is easily my new favorite shirt. It's so soft and easy to wear. I think all the details on the front add a lot of interest. When I got it I had to hold back from buying it in every color. Having never been a pink girl before I'm really liking it now. It might have something to do with my girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, but I'll never tell. Plus it has the whole crochet / macrame thing going on that I was talking about being newly obsessed with.
Old Navy Cardigan, Gap Chambray Shirt, Anthropologie Top, Madewell Jeans
Earrings made from reclaimed glass from Camden Market, London
Shell bracelet from market, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage

Here's a little question for you all. I'm thinking of going DSLR. What's your opinion? Nikon, Canon, other?


Mikhaila said...

Lua is so just so sweet looking! You are so lucky to live that close to the ocean, it is absolutely beautiful and makes for great photo the outfit too, especially the boots!!

SarahAnn said...


And it's true. She kept telling me that the mountains around the city were making her claustrophobic.

Second Skin said...

It looks like you have some really great fun days! these pictures make me miss my dog SO much. I haven't even thought about him for a while. He loved the water too. Its so nice that you have your Lua. Give her a big dog hug for me (from a relative stranger who loves big dogs)! I also love your outfit here! That shirt is very special and I love how you just wore it like a tee! Perfect!

Oh and I have a cannon Rebel. I like it but i have nothing to compare it to.

Annie said...

lovely pictures! and i like the outfit =)

Kate said...

I love your boots & top! So pretty. Looks like you had a lovely day!

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