Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holiday weekend goodness

Happy Easter! 
(If you did that this weekend, if you didn't do Easter this weekend, then happy nice weather!!)
I hope everyone had a great weekend with family and friends. I spent the weekend with Kev's family in Delaware, which included some running, some being sick, and a bunch of relaxing. A lot of exciting pictures to come. I will be posting them throughout the week, I'm a little tired out from the 6 hour drive back to New York today. Ugh. Catching up on reading, cleaning, and organizing around the apartment tonight. Sitting in my apartment with the widows open = fantastic
Kev took amazing pictures (Thanks Kev!) and I can't help but put a few up for a little preview of what's to come this week. I'm honestly having trouble picking which ones to use, they're all so great! (And I'm a terrible decision maker thank goodness for edit buttons.) I'm giving the cruddier ones, so mysterious. 
Hoppy hoppy Easter!
Couldn't help myself. Two of my favorite pictures ever. So, that's me.


SarahAnn said...

FASHIONISTA! You look so darling! AND GOOD JOB, Kev on the photos!

magpie said...

I'm crazy about your dress!! SO pretty :) And your dog is adorable. You look gorgeous in these shots!!! first time seein your blog. I love it!

Love always,

The Beso Team said...

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