Monday, April 26, 2010

Romp Around the Lake

Text to Kev:
I'm wearing a ridiculous outfit.

This was the text I sent him as he was driving up this weekend. I think he was scared. 
To other people this outfit may not seem strange in the least. But to me it was a huge leap. I'm usually a plain jane and since starting this blog (a month ago!) I have done alot of things that I wouldn't necessarily ever have tried. This floral romper is certainly one of them. 
Kev and I met up at my parent's on Long Island. It's the midway point between the city and the east end of Long Island, and just made sense for us to meet there before heading all the way out east for the wine tour (pics tomorrow!). We got in pretty late, the sun was going down as we set out to look for places to take pictures of my ridiculous outfit.
We took a few very quick pictures at this abandoned house near where I live. These pictures don't really do it justice because we were both so nervous! I was scared that someone was going to drive by and yell at us for trespassing. It's this huge white house that looks like it belongs on some sprawling Southern Estate. 
After we ran away from there we headed over to the lakes in a nearby neighborhood. I spent alot of time around these lakes growing up. Riding bikes, walking with girls, running away with boys, woops! One of my best friends lived over here as well as many other not as best friends. 
The ducks are used to people coming to feed them so they swarm as soon as you step foot near the water. 
I picked up the romper on Friday after I got my haircut. Could you tell? See, I'm a plain jane. 
To be honest I've been impatiently waiting to wear this belt with something and when I tried on the romper I saw an opportunity. I'm really into crochet/macrame these days. I like the texture, the vintage appeal. I really like this belt. I like this belt to the point that I want to wear it everyday. The romper, I'm not sure about yet. It's certainly an adjustment for me. 
Scarf from my mom, Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan, Zara Romper, Modcloth Belt
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Vintage Boots from Capricious Traveler

Have you done anything in the last month that put you way outside of your comfort zone? Something that had you stop and think, who am I?
Thank you so much for being around this past month, these last few days, or just this first time. This has been a new and huge adventure for me. I genuinely appreciate your comments, time spent here, or just your lurking around, ha. I am learning so much about myself through this experience. I can only imagine where this will take me. 
Thank you, thank you!


Mikhaila said...

I love the romper, I think it looks great!

Kate said...

I am 100% pro-romper! looks great!

SarahAnn said...

Yay rompers! :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aw, yay for rompers! I absolutely love it - especially with the cute print! :)

Second Skin said...

I love this photo shoot! Your pictures have a great quality to them. I am sorry to not have perfectly descriptive adjectives here, but they just feel really nice. Nice to look at. Your gaze and placement in the shots are pleasing to the eye.

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