Wednesday, April 7, 2010

End of Easter weekend

Ok, ok the last of the weekend posts. 
Sunday is a short day for Kev and me. I usually try to leave by 12pm. There's always traffic coming back up, and I wasn't even thinking about it being Easter Sunday when I was planning on leaving. Holidays mean more traffic than usual. It was a break in thinking on my part to say the least. 
We stopped by the beach again in the morning. It was a gorgeous day. Kev had been feeling some sort of sick coming on. I think it got to me mentally because I started to feel a little dizzy which delayed me leaving. Dizzyness does not make for good driving. 
Kev, do I look to sick to do this?
Answer: Yes. 
Easter ended up being a day of driving for me. It’s one of the disadvantages of being long distance. A lot of travel. The kicker was that my mom (I work with my family, so technically she’s my boss) called me 40 minutes after I left and said she thought I was staying Sunday to spend the holiday with Kev’s family. It would have taken me 3 hours to get to Kev’s MD house because the way I had left, and Garmin said 4 hours to NYC. It didn’t make sense to turn around. Lesson learned, don’t assume anything. 
6 wonderful not frustrating hours later I arrived in Manhattan. sarcasm.
A nice quite weekend at the beach, and then I go back to my crazy hectic huge city, tiny apartment home.  
It was a great Easter Weekend!
Thank you Kev for taking care of me when you were sick. And thank you for taking all these pictures for me and being supportive of this new direction. Olive juice.
Old Navy Flower Hair Clip, Sucre Sunglasses, Back of my closet Top, Abercrombie Belt from Middle School, Anthropologie Shorts
Vintage Zodiac Buckle Boots from Capricious Traveler
Vintage 1960’s Pink Necklace from JessJamesJake

Hope you all had a great weekend! We're back to real time here!


SarahAnn said...

Love, love, loooove the shorts!

Charlie said...

such a cute dog, i love animals! aww...

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