Thursday, April 1, 2010

Starting to get it.

This is something I wrote to a friend February 16th of this year.
I’ve been going pretty hard into the blogosphere (?). I’ve been finding some very trendy cute girls that seem to know the perfect outfit with ease. And it got me thinking about how I’ve chosen to lead my own life. I always see these girls out and about and I envy them. What they’re wearing how they’re holding themselves with confidence, the whole shebang. At the same time I’m thinking, Its just clothes, why do they spend so much time thinking about it, what a waste.
Now, doesn’t that seem a bit self-destructive? I want it, but I have a hatred for it at the same time.
I’ve been thinking about having it at a balance. Yes, that girl looks amazing in heels, but its snowing and 10 degrees outside, let’s be reasonable. She did not wear that styled blog outfit post outside today. 
I’m also starting to see the clothing choices you make as a reflection of who you are. Its that exact statement that has been what I’ve resented about it for so long.  My mindset has been, I’m going to wear what’s comfortable and what I like, and you should think I’m an interesting well rounded person anyway, all the while jealous of the girls that looks so put together.
Basically, I’m starting to get it. I’m starting to get why it makes sense to dress well and put the time into it (not too much time though). If I want to be a well balanced woman, that’s right woman, I’m going to have to get a little taste of everything and perhaps dressing with a sense of style and confidence will just have to be one of those things.
A very important part of this whole looking put together and confident starts with the base. I’m going to have to start taking care of my body again. After basically starting my athletic days at the age of 2 when I first rode a pony and then playing lacrosse for 10 years, I have effectively given up being athletic. For lack of a better reason, I just don’t feel like it. At first I figured I would give myself a break. I’ve had to work out my whole life. I looked at this as a welcome break. I fear my time has come to start taking care of my body again. Ugh, I’m not happy about this. 
After re-visiting this, I still feel the same way. Dressing better is something I want to try, something I want to understand, and someday something I want to accomplish. Since writing this note I have started a blog and entered a 10 mile race at the beginning of May. You have to start somewhere. Right?

Old Navy Cardigan, Old Black Skirt, Jeans (not pictured), Madewell Boots, Beacon's Closet Scarf, JessJamesJake Necklace 

Happy April Fools Day!! It was so beautiful outside in New York. I hope you all had a great entrance into April!


SarahAnn said...

YOU ARE THE CUTEST EVER. I love your floppy bow. :)

Second Skin said...

Interesting thoughts. Sort of fascination / repulsion. Its interesting to me that you are investigating these drives you have by starting a blog of your own. I guess its the best way to discover by experience. It is sort of silly to think that your clothes are somehow part of your identity, but they are aren't they? If you truly wear what you love, doesn't it talk about your heart a little bit? And in the real world, in face to face friendships, what you wear IS so much less important. I think that in the impersonal environment of blog world where we don't have audible voices and the energy of our presence, where people choose to hang out at your space based first on the aesthetic of it and THEN on the content, what we wear does make a difference to some extent. Who knows why we have chosen this venue. Its not Ideal, but sometimes its effective enough right? Pleased to have your honest perspective here. And I just happen to think you look really adorable with that bow in your hair! Your accessories and boots look so great as well!

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

I love how you tied the scarf in your hair! Very chic, girl!

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