Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Central Park Sunday

On Sunday Kev and I took a morning stroll over to Central Park. We stopped on the way to pick up some coffee and pastries. He; ham & cheese croissant. Her; cranberry scone. Everything is better with a scone. They complete me.
For fun I’m adding a picture of me eating my favorite scone in London. It’s called rock cake, and it’s from a little bakery on the street where I lived while I studied abroad. I was lucky enough to go back to London for an interim class my senior year, that’s when this picture was taken. Yum.
I actually took this picture specifically so I could show Kev what a rock cake was, and what I had been going on about. And to replicate a picture of me as a baby eating a bagel that Kev thinks is hysterical. So, I’ll add that too. 
Me without Bangs, interesting.                             Me with bowl cut, interesting.
Me present day.
Back to Central Park. The sky was a lovely light blue with only a few puffy clouds. Kev and I found a nice big rock to sit on and enjoy our breakfast. A lovely surprise happened on Sunday. Lua got her portrait drawn! The cutest little girl came over to where we were sitting, her Dad had yelled over to ask if it was ok to pet our dog (eh em, my dog) and we hesitantly said yes. Lua’s not always the best with little kids. I think it’s her lack of exposure to them and their quick erratic movements and high-pitched occasionally screaming voices. Lua did ok though! We were distracting her with pieces of scone. 
This little girl was so sweet! I didn’t ask her name because somehow I thought that was more creepy than taking pictures of her, haha. She is 5 years old, and that is her journal that her and her Daddy draw in, and she’s an artist. That is what she told me. After petting Lua she ran back to where her Dad was taking it easy on a blanket. Then she came running back with her crayons and journal. She decided she was going to draw Lua! 
Lua ended up brown because it was the darkest color she had (I kept pushing for purple, she wasn’t having it) and orange instead for her brown spots. She was so intensely studying Lua. She kept looking up and squinting at her and telling us that was her “thinking face”! After a while we told her we had to go because Lua was getting bored and we had to walk her, but she wasn’t done with her picture! So she hurried as fast as she could and colored Lua in as we were walking away. She called after us,
"Hey, I’m done!"
"Ok, do you want me to take another picture of you?"
I couldn’t believe how outgoing she was and that her Dad let her hang out with strangers for so long. I guess we looked trustworthy enough.
Just because I live in one of the biggest cities in the world doesn’t mean it’s all sidewalks and grime. Kev and I spent both days this weekend outside among flowers, and little leagues players, and runners, and quiet. I can never get over how quiet it is in Central Park. There’s this huge city just steps away and you would never know it. New York is what you make it. If you want the big city life, out every night, networking the heck out of your friends and everyone you meet, you have it. If you want to cuddle up in your apartment, watch movies (ehem blog), and sip on tea, you can have that too. I love having the option.

I think that sometimes when people talk about New York it can come across sounding like, I live in New York, and I am so much cooler than you. I in no way think that. This is just the city I live in at the moment, happen to enjoy, and I like to talk about where I live and the things I learn about the place. I hope that comes across, and not the bitchy I’m from New York, and if you aren’t from here you don’t matter vibe. I don’t like that vibe.
Ok! Phew, outfit time. Sorry about that. 
If you can’t tell I’m really living in this necklace from Jess James Jake on Etsy. I wear it to work almost everyday. I love the shape and it’s so light I forget I even have it on most of the time. I also happen to think the combination of blue and white stripe with the gold tone of the necklace is superb.
These are my Madewell boots. They're completely scuffed and the heels are almost all the way worn down. I've worn them just about everyday since I bought them in the fall. It's getting too warm to wear them now, so they've been on break until Sunday.
I really like this dress that I almost returned. The sleeves are nice and loose fitting so it gives your arms plenty of room to breath. Good in hot weather. I was thinking that it was too long, but I’m ok with the length now. It ended up being the perfect dress for the day that starting walking in the park and ending up sitting outside eating loads of Mediterranean food and having girl talk with one of my friends.
He does exist.
Sucre Sunglasses, Zara Dress, Madewell Socks, Madewell Boots
Necklace from JessJamesJake at Etsy
Coconut Ring from Mexico
My Mom's Vintage 60's belt
My Great Great Aunt's Vintage/Antique Earrings 

I somehow managed to take pictures in the least spring looking area in Central Park. Oh well! I hope the rant didn't turn you off too badly, and hopefully you know what I'm trying to say. 

Kev and I had another lovely weekend together. Here's to many repeats of just that!
I wish I could say something super uplifting here, but instead just go look at my baby picture again, haha.


andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

I'm so completely in love with that dress and how you styled it! haha I love that you took photos of some girl--she's such a cutie!

SarahAnn said...

That little girl is completely darling. Almost as darling as you in your striped dress! Love the nautical feel--thinking of busting that out on our MTK trip? Because it's just a few weeks away!!!!

Kate said...

I just stumbled across your blog & it's lovely! I am so in love with this outfit, the dress is amazing (I am obsessed with striped dresses lately, just bought one yesterday that I can't wait to wear!) and I love the way you styled it! Following you through bloglovin. :)

Brianna said...

I love the sleeves on your dress! I'm looking for a striped dress myself.

By the way, does your dress have little pockets in the front?

So adorable :)

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