Monday, April 19, 2010

Floral Shower

Sunday I had a bridal shower in NJ. My roommate got engaged in December and is getting married this July! 
This is not really my normal post format, sorry about that. Honestly I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out how to edit the site, pretty boring stuff, so I don't have much to report.
This dress is so springy. I usually don't wear any form of red, so even the little tints that are in this dress are way out of my normal dress code. I also stepped out of my routine with the floral pattern. I keep seeing these floral patterns everywhere and they look so cute on other people! I'm trying to expand my floral selection, which right now consists of only this dress. I would love a floral romper, but somehow they end up looking so 80's on me, instead of cute and feminine. I bought this dress from a store by my apartment last fall. It was on sale and I really loved the shape and fit. I was trying to be more girly. This is the first time I was able to wear the dress! It's been hanging very patiently in my closet since October.
These pictures are from a park near my parents house. Although I like to imagine I just wandered out on my estate grounds and had a little photo shoot. My estate somewhere in the UK, ha. I had to go home this weekend to drop off Lua on Sunday that way she gets to hang out, go swimming, and play with my moms puppy, instead of be miserable in a crate all day while I'm at a bridal shower. That's a no go for Lua. She's way too active to sit quietly all day. We actually just ran 7 miles today in preparation for the 10 mile run I'm doing in May. It might have been the farthest I've ever run. 
I wore this antique cameo necklace and an antique 1930's flip cameo ring, that I didn't get a very good picture of, next time. They were both Christmas presents from my parents when I was in high school. Very lucky girl. 
I'm turning 25 on Wednesday! So I'm kind of all over the place this week. Tomorrow I'm going out to eat for an early celebration with some friends. Wednesday I'm going home to Long Island, Thursday more celebrating with city friends, and Friday heading out east for the wine tour!! I really hope I get some great shots from this weekend. It's so picturesque out there and I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to frolic around the vineyards, possibly in one of these dresses. It's going to be a surprise to you and me what I end up wearing. It's one of my closest group of friends, so I'll be in good company. I'm still open to all suggestions for a wine tour appropriate dress! We're going to meet at my house for some breakfast before we head out, but I'll stop myself. I'll wait to tell you all about it after. I'm just so excited, I can't help it. 
Antique Cameo Necklace, Antique Cameo flip Ring
Banana Republic Cardigan, Aryeh Dress, JCrew Belt, Anthropologie Heels
I don't think I'll be posting as regularly for the rest of the week, like I said I'll be in and out and all up and down and around NY. So, I'm sorry about that. Kevin always makes fun of me because I say it's my 'birthday week'. But you know what? It is my birthday week. Happy Birthday week to me! 
Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves where ever you are too. 


Candid Phobic said...

The dress is so lovely on you but I especially like the cardigan and that necklace. Have fun on your birthday week! :-)

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! The dress looks beautiful on you!

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