Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take a Trip

This is the gift I got from Kev for my 25th birthday. A black journal with a Rottweiler bookmark. What's important about it is that it's not just any journal. It's a journal from one of our trips. 
We starting keeping track of ours trips this way with our first one right after college. We met up in Maryland and road tripped it down to Savannah, Georgia for a week. It was our graduation present to each other. Instead of getting anything we took the trip together. The next big trip was Denver, Colorado. We started this journal for that trip. 
I'm not including all the trips to NYC, all around Long Island, DC, Baltimore, snowboard trips in the North East etc. I guess only certain trips qualified for the journal. Then there was the period after Savannah where we passed the book back and forth. One of us would have it for a week and then when we met up on the weekends we would switch and so on. It was fun for a while, but neither of us are the best at keeping journals. It was something we tried when we made the switch from normal relationship, to long distance. 
Savannah, Georgia - May 2007   ~   Breckenridge, Colorado - January 2009   ~   Newport, Rhode Island - March 2010

I think I'm going to do a retrospective post about our Newport trip. That was my Christmas present from Kev this year. It was right before I started doing all this here and we talked about if I should do it or not while taking outfit shots for the potential blog. Maybe I'll even go as far as doing a way back when post on the Savannah trip. The Savannah pictures are funny because we are so fresh out of college, and fresh out of being full time athletes. I played lacrosse, he played football. 

So, what's the gift? A trip. To San Francisco and surrounding areas (which might morph into a trip to Hawaii). 
San Francisco pictures taken from my senior year Spring Break trip with the lacrosse team.

The itinerary:
I hope you can read Kev's handwriting. He has us in San Francisco, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park "take cool pictures for your blog", and then Sonoma.  I don't even know if all that traveling within one trip is possible, but I'd definitely like to try! Thanks for the bday gift on my bday Kev! You know I'll always take a trip. 
Sorry the journal pictures are a little fuzzy. I went hunting for a Nikon today. No developments yet, but soon. I think I'll get impulsive on this one. Also looked around for a new phone. Mine isn't holding a charge anymore and the place where you charge it is starting to break. Better than my phone in college that was held together with a rubber band and tape for months. Making moves with all this technology.


SarahAnn said...

AHHHHH! So cute! I love you guys keep a journal of your trips. Trev and I kept a journal together when we were long distance, except we just mailed it back and forth.

SAN FRAN, yay! I love it there! And Yosemite is amazing--definitely cute blog pics. Oh, Kev. Darling.

P.S. Tell Kev that Trev can't wait to see him.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!

Visit my blog? Leave a comment? Follow? I'd be more than happy to reciprocate the blog love :)

Mikhaila said...

That is such a great idea! The pictures are awesome, I'd love to go to San Francisco one of these days!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aw, that is such a fun // cute idea! I love it!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

great photos, I can't wait till I can go travelling.

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