Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dressed to Match

Saturday I dressed to match my date for the evening, Miss. Lua. As you can see she is sporting a beautiful black and tan ensemble with pink accents (tongue) and olive green accessories (leash). I took my date to a quite beach to enjoy the sunset and sweet sea breeze together. I brought her fresh picked flowers and wore my fanciest hat, but even that wasn't enough to impress her. She barely looked at me the whole evening.
Jessica over at What I Wore hosted another one of her great style challenges. The challenge was to wear either a 'SUPER LADY LIKE LOOK or a DASHING MENSWEAR inspired outfit'. I chose to try and tackle the Menswear inspired outfit, so I took Lua on a date! ...ish
The most daper men certainly used to dress to match their date. I considered this, and the fact that most men's suits tend to stay in the neutral color zone. The idea for the cape top over the flowy button down was taken from thinking about a dark men's jacket over a crisp button down shirt. I ended up really enjoying how this outfit came together. 
Saturday was spent getting some sun, and catching up on things online. Nothing too glamourous there. Even though I'd rather see Kevin on the weekends than not, sometimes it's just really nice to be alone. I think the nature of our long distance relationship, or any long distance one for that matter, leaves you making an itinerary for the weekend. I often get caught up with filling the weekends to the brim with things for us to do and it ends up that there's no time for our separate, but together time. I would love to spend a weekend with Kev where he's working on something and I'm doing my own thing somewhere else close by. With the coordination it takes to keep a relationship of distance on track it's really hard to ever feel like I'm settling into a relaxed weekend, apart from the bustle of the work week. 
At the end of the day I headed out with Lua to take a few pictures for the style challenge. This is something I would definitely wear to a happy hour on the beach, or shopping around town, if my plans had called for that on Saturday.
My Moms JCrew Hat, Modcloth Cape, Madewell Top, My moms pants, JCrew Belt, Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles from DSW
Anthropologie Necklace, Custom Green Ring from Morado Shop

I went shopping again in my mom's closet. The ideal summer hat is hers, as are the pants. I been thinking about looking for a hat like this, but before I could start my internet search I found this one with my moms things. 
I've also been thinking about looking for a good pair of espadrilles for the summer. And guess what? You don't have to go far! I bet you know of a DSW somewhere nearby. I think this may be the first thing from Tommy Hilfilger that I've ever owned. Closed toe, black canvas, perfect height, and comfortable. So far, so good.
And guess what else? I certainly am eating my words as I dressed very impractically for walking on sand. Oh well. I knew it would happen eventually. 

Many thanks to Jessica at What I Wore for posting these on her site, and hosting the challenge! It was fun to play a little dress up. 


ClosetConfections said...

Love the shoes. I just purchased 2 pairs of espadrilles on eBay and I can't wait for them to arrive. I found your blog from the WhatIWore challenge, and it's great. I'll be back soon.


Lea's Suitcase said...

I get where you're coming from. Working in the Bahamas, and my BF living in LA, Lexi (my lhasa apso) we get creative on our adventures. "what beach this weekend Lexi" I got us an underwater camera, to video take her Doggy paddle under neath the ocean... its totally CUTE!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I love this look so much! You look way chic.
I definitely appreciate when I get time alone, even though I miss my man, it's so nice to take care of things I need to do. Or, you know, sitting around watching Netflix all day! :)

ciupa said...

well done on the challenge, love this look and love that we both had our dogs in the pic!


myedit said...

These are such nice pics of you and the pup on the beach! And way to borrow/steal/shop in your mom's closet!

libys11 said...

this looks so summer fab!!! the floppy hat is a must this summer!! :D great fresh look! :D

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Theodora Hermes said...

Just stumbled upon your site and I love your thoughts and outfits!!!! I am following. :-) And this outfit is awesome-LOVE the hat.

Mikhaila said...

I love the combination of the black and tan. And those shoes are awesome!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Your blog is so cute! You and Lua are a dream team :)

Amber said...

Cute!! Great interpretation of menswear!

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