Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kev's Birthday

Hey Kev, Happy Birthday. I'm pretty sure you still love adorable puppies and giant chocolate chip cookies. Good thing you learned how to wipe your mouth now that you're 25. (Go 80's sweatshirts, suspenders, and distressed denim)
Happy Birthday!!
Even though Kev and I can't be in the same state today I'm making sure that I spend extra time thinking about him and being happy on his birthday. Happy Birthday Kev!! 

I meant to get two posts up today, but Lua got really sick. I had to skip out on work to take her to the vet and leave her there all day for tests and x-rays. So I'll use this post to mention two unrelated random things that have been on my mind:
1. Anyone out there in the business of freelance web design? I think I need some help! Email me.  
2. I figure this isn't any worse than posting on craigslist so...I need a roommate in NYC for July and August. Email me if you're interested or pass my link along to someone who might be and I'll send more details dependent on sketchiness. 

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Courtney said...

Hi Morgan, your blog is so lovely! I hope that Lua's tests turn out alright and that she is back in good health asap. Enjoy your weekend!

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