Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fence Posts

fence posts
Sunday morning Kev and I headed out to grab breakfast. Having grown up in a town speckled with farm land we didn't have to go very far to find a perfectly quaint farm house. I had some idea in my mind that I wanted to be leaning on a fence so we drove around for 40 minutes looking for the perfect spot, and waiting for the breakfast place to open. Of course we ended up back at the first place we saw. This  is owned by one of Kevin's friends. He said it's exactly what you would expect out of an old farm house. Wide wooden floor planks, charming kitchen, walk through bedrooms, the whole deal. 
Fence Posts
fence posts
fence posts fence posts
Fence Posts
I wore this on my car ride back to New York. Ok, ok again without the shoes. It's really simple, but that's what I like about it. This was by no means what I had intended to wear. When I was getting dressed this just came together. Sometimes you just have to go with what's easiest. I even like that I'm not wearing a belt. Simple, simple. And all the vintage pieces are from family members, which I of course love.

fence posts  fence posts fence posts
This post is short on writing because I just got a brand spanking new roommate! I showed her my blog. She called my "style" earthy, vintage, and chic. I'll take that. She's also inviting me to the Gilt Groupe like it's no big deal. Then she threw in that she is going shopping tomorrow and is excited because she wants to dress me. I think craigslist is paying me back for the terribly crazy lady I got stuck with last time.
fence posts
JCrew TShirt, Madewell Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Sandals
My Moms Vintage Scarf, My Moms High School Ring as Necklace, My Great Great Aunts Coral Earrings
(Kevin's middle school in the background)
Fence Posts

I'm heading out of the city tomorrow for two weeks. First, I'm going to two weddings. One of a friend from high school and the other of my old roommate. After that Kev and I are heading to the beach for the week. My office closes for two weeks every summer, it's a really nice break. I'm not sure what my schedule will be posting here, but I can guarantee that I will be taking full advantage of having Kev around for the week to take pictures. Thanks Kev! 
See you all soon!


Anonymous said...

oooooo the shoes. love. i have never tried madewell jeans... maybe i need to explore this. mmmm.

great photos. xo, Kim

playing hooksies said...

theres your shoes again :)

Carys said...

These pictures are beautiful, you look lovely!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mikhaila said...

Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt make the perfect outfit. And when you throw in those shoes...yea, amazing. :)

K said...

I'll be thinking of you when I shop today! Definite inspiration :) Enjoy your time off & wedding festivities.

sweetersalt said...

Love the platforms with the cuffed jeans - also super envious of the antique coral earrings!

merl said...

Lucky Morgan.. having a boy who will drive around for 40 minutes looking for the perfect spot for photos.. I need to have a location either within walking distance or on the way to where we are going. Sheesh you'd think he was sick of holding a camera seeing as how he's done it all day with bratty kids as the subjects..

I dreamnt about those shoes. I think they might be a go.. I'll keep you updated.

ALSO.. I think you could rock the shit out of a side bun with a cool flower in it. Unless the bride and or bridesmaids are wearing flowers in their hurr. But the side bun would be cute with your stupidly healthy silky hair.

pssssst. I'm going to be in deleware in a few weeks.. too far?

kate maggie said...

So cute! I love these pictures and the scenery is so pretty. Those shoes are such a knockout, they look great on you! x

Amanda said...

Love the location of these photos! But then again I'm biased since I live by fields too. Cute outfit :]

Carissa said...

what a lovely photos!

Leproust Vintage said...

I love, love, love the simplicity of this outfit! I have been drooling over those JC heels for so rock them!

Lea's Suitcase said...

hair scarf and wood heels, my fav summer essentials :)

Anonymous said...

i hope you're having an incredible time with Kev. :) these photos are absolutely lovely. and i still don't know about those shoes...i'm already very dorky when walking in heels. ;)

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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