Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fogged in Lavender

On Sunday Kev and I once again grabbed breakfast and headed to the beach with Lua. After a weekend of full sunshine it was nice to wake up to a thick fog. I especially like fog when I'm with Kev, because that means things like, tea inside, talking on the couch, and not being rushed to get up and go before we miss one ray of sunshine. A foggy day is unhurried in a way that is comfortable and cozy to me. Especially when it seems all I've been doing recently is scrambling around.
After we ate breakfast and sat around for awhile we headed to the park with Lua and took some shots. The truth is, I was being pretty hard to photograph. Kev took some pictures and when we went to review them he said, "Your hair is kind of struggling." ha. It was true. I was also making the most terrible faces. I think this outfit is supposed to be cute. Especially with the wonderfully light lavender color of the pants (which I love). I don't know how to make a cute face. I don't really even know how to smile in pictures without it looking like I'm posing for my middle school shot. Instead I made faces like these:
At least Lua always look cute.
I really love this buttermilk yellow vintage clutch from Tree & Kimball Market! The leather is so soft and the lining makes it really special. Lisa, the shop owner, just got married. Make sure to head over to her shop and show her some newlywed love! She has some truly extraordinary finds.
My favorite part of the day was that Kev decided instead of leaving at 11am he was going to hang around until 4pm. Five more hours with him and I'm a happy girl.
Gap Chambray Shirt, Madewell Striped Top, JCrew Pants, Abercrombie Belt (from middle school) Minnetonka Moccasins from DSW
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Vintage Clutch from Tree & Kimball Market

Guess what else? I guest posted this outfit on Paige's site, Barefoot & Vintage! I was heading to work today when I saw her desperate tweet and decided I would be more than happy to help her out. Wordpress was a little tricky to use when I'm used to blogger, but I'm happy with the outcome. Here's the post! Then stay awhile and check out everything else Paige has done there. If you want even more Paige click over to her vintage shop.

Don't forget to enter the Thriftaway giveaway if you haven't yet! Mikhaila is giving away an amazing gray suede bag, and offering a 15% discount to everything in her store. Check it out here.

Thanks everyone! It's been a crazy few days, few weeks, few months. I really appreciate you all coming by and hanging out!


Mikhaila said...

Those pants are fantastic! And I love the way you put the whole outfit together. That bag is pure vintage amazingness (definitely not a word haha).

I'm so jealous of how close you live to the beach and it always looks like you are the only one there!

Kate said...

Cutie! I love your striped top, it's exactly what I've been looking for and haven't been able to find! Oh & yes, I do use a tripod... it was like $30 and had made blogging SO much easier! Before I was limited to taking photos places where there was a ledge 6 feet away to set the camra on! ha!

Diya said...

I LOVE the baby blue/pale pink combo! it looks so chic.

SarahAnn said...

There's isn't a thing about this post I don't love:

1. Vintage purses
2. Lavender pants
3. Striped tops
4. Glasses
5. FOG
6. You



Fantastic blog! Thanks for finding me.

I, too, live with my dog and have a long distance relationship with a boy - only I'm the red head in this one. :)

Anonymous said...

i love you to bits, girl! great post and thanks again for helping a sista out! (and for giving me shout outs on your blog...didn't expect that shiz.)


playing hooksies said...

Stripes and pastel apparently look great together! I need to take a visit to the beach....

Lisa said...

thanks for all of the blog love, morgan! that little clutch suits you to a tee, so sweet. and i agree, foggy mornings at the beach are so peaceful & so so lovely.

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