Monday, June 28, 2010

Through Fields

Oh hi there. What's that you say? No water in this post? Correct! For the first time in many outfit posts this will be one without water. This weekend I went down to visit Kev in Maryland. While I was busy growing up at the waters edge, Kev was walking through fields and hanging with friends on their farms. 
This area used to be a farm when Kev was growing up. It's now owned by a company who has subdivided it and is selling plots for homes. There is one model home at the entrance to the community, all set up complete with a prop car in the driveway. Model homes will forever remind me of Arrested Development. Please tell me you've seen it.
I wore this Friday for my road trip down to see Kev. Ok, everything but the shoes. I would however definitely wear this to a happy hour event, or BBQ joint, or to bed. I'm pretty obsessed with these shoes. They truly are substantial. I love a shoe that has that feel to it. I've gone through many a pair of shoes, just because I've worn out the heel by walking too many miles in them. I have no idea how I could even attempt to wear down the heel on these. These are quality shoes that have been on display in my apartment since they arrived.
They're 50% off. Can you go buy them now? I promise you won't be disappointed.
If you happen to follow my nonsensical tweets you'll know that I got my haircut Friday morning. What you see here is a direct from the salon, in the car for 6+ hours later style. I am still pretty upset about my bangs. I think they were cut too flat if that makes sense. This normally wouldn't be that much of a problem but I'm in a wedding this coming weekend and I need my bangs, and skin to be spot on. 
Kev and I pulled into this field on our way to pick up dinner. We spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Alice in Wonderland. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan so naturally the Mad Hatter was my favorite character. It was a big coincidence that I ended up wearing light blue that day, but after seeing the movie, I'm completely up for expanding the light blue pieces in my closet, despite not having gorgeously curly blond hair.

Madewell Top, Modcloth Shorts 'n' Sweet Shorts, JCrew Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Sandal
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Antique Ring gift from parents

I retouched that scar on my right leg, but it was strange not looking at my own leg, so I left it untouched. It's a shaving scar from a few years ago! How intense is that. I guess I scar easily. I actually left all the photos untouched because I'm sort of loving my new camera. And Kev was sort of loving the lighting. 

Are you a land lover or do you have sturdy sea legs?

How was everyones weekend? I'm still adjusting to this whole work all day, come home and do the blog all night schedule. It's been draining, but also very rewarding. Are there any seasoned pros out there with tricks up your sleeves? Or newbies struggling along with me? I'd love to hear from you all! 


Lynzy said...

I cannot believe I haven't run into your blog before. I LOVE IT. You are adorable. You have yourself a new follower :)

Come enter my giveaway!
xo Lynzy

Audrey J. said...

Your blog is awesome, i'm a follower but i keep quiet almost all the time. I missed your doggie in this images, but you look awesome! My weekend was pretty hectic but good :D

playing hooksies said...

Yea, those shoes are definitely amazing. I'd like a pair. The photos are gorgeous too! I love natural settings.

Mikhaila said...

It's a good thing they no longer have those shoes in my size! haha they are amazing!

I think your bangs look great! I need to get mine trimmed so bad.

The lighting in the pictures really is beautiful!

sweetersalt said...

Love the shoes, and yes, subdivisions remind me of Arrested Development too!

Elle Sees said...

sea legs for me!!
and you are too cute for words.

merl said...

Couple things:

-I cannot rock black shoes with bare legs. something about being albino and having short stumpy legs. woe is me.
-the shorts look like a skirt but without the accidental flashing chance, aka I really dig them.
-who ate your edamame pod before you did?!

Brittany said...

These pictures look really great! I really, really adore your shoes. And your bangs look super cute! I'm sure you will learn to love them. Perhaps go to a local stylist & ask for more texture? My stylist uses a razor on mine.

Anonymous said...

love these shorts girl!

xo, Kim

Kate said...

I just realized I didn't see your actual post today, only through chictopia & weardrobe! So I thought I'd come see the rest of it! And as a blog newbie myself, I just do it whenever I have time, I haven't set a schedule, though I think that would be so much easier. My biggest problem is having time during the day (light) to take photos! I have plenty of computer time, just often feel like a wrinkled mess by the end of the work day and don't feel photo ready! I should get up early and do it in the morning or set time aside on weekends! Oh well, we learn as we go! Still sooo in love with these shoes. If I wasn't trying to stick to my no shopping rule, I'd be all over ordering these...

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