Thursday, June 17, 2010


These are some pretty substantial shoes. You may have seen them on Maria of Lulu Letty or Jen of jenloveskev or Tieka of Selective Potential. All lovely ladies wearing them with some serious style! The shoes are the same size as my head and probably weigh just as much. My photographer friend cancelled for today, but I thought I'd at least give a peek at what I'll be wearing this weekend. And around my apartment everyday.
Of course I never mind matching Lua. Although I'm not sure how she feels about it. Note the one eyebrow raise.

Unrelated: Any edamame fans out there? What are your feelings on when you go to eat a pod and realize it's already been eaten? Meaning it's already been in someone elses mouth. Gross?


Kate said...

Gorgeous shoes!! Love 'em!

the Fox and the Prints said...

just discovered you blog. love the shoes...and the puppy!

Capricioustraveler said...

Love these! Really nice!

Mikhaila said...

Wow, those shoes are amazing!! I'd wear them to bed haha.

I could eat edamame every single day...did you accidentally almost eat someone's discarded pod? haha woops!

aimee said...

I love those shoes! And Lua is so stinkin cute! As far as the edamame goes... that's pretty gross. haha! Was the pod eaten by someone that you know?

Ashley said...

Suffering a serious case of shoe envy! THose are gorgeous, girl.

UMM, that has never happened to me and i love edamame and now i'm so nervous!! agghhhh

xoxo, Ashley

DEA said...

Those shoes are hot!!


L said...

stumbled upon your blog.
i'm a follower! :)
your dog is adorable!

come visit:


Mary said...

Love your shoes and totally loving your blog; happy I found you!

Delightful Bitefuls

SarahAnn said...

Ew. That is disgusting. Don't people the already eaten pods in a separate bowl?!

Anonymous said...

the shoes are amazing! love them!
and Lua is so cute :D


Leproust Vintage said...

These are my most favorite shoes! I have contemplated ordering them so, so many times!!

You edamame story cracks me up! I do know what you mean! I always designate a separate bowl for used pods!

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