Sunday, June 6, 2010

Scarves and Sunsets

The last post from Memorial Day weekend is actually the first outfit of the weekend. Kev and I went to the beach on Saturday where it turned out to be quite overcast. I happen to like the beach more at unexpected times. Overcast, cold, cloudy, winter, fall those are some of my favorite times to go the beach. It's so peaceful then.
After we set up a little wind barrier and got under a blanket we started to drift off to sleep. I'm a self proclaimed nap hater, but naps on the beach I'll take any day. Just as lucid thoughts began to turn into wild dreams I felt a big wet plop on my face. "Rain, rain, rain! It's raining!" We both sprung up grabbed everything we had and ran off the beach. By the time we reached the car we were drenched.
We headed back to Kev's house to relax and when we got there it not only wasn't raining, but it was sunny, gorgeous, and hot. Oh, the wonders of ocean weather.
Kev and I sat around for the rest of the day with his family and the dogs outside until we went to dinner for a little pre-pre-birthday food. We stopped at the marina to take a few pictures before we headed out. This is where I had my very first photo shoot! I feel like it's been so long since then. A lot has changed in my approach to and thoughts on blogging and there's so much further to go! 
This is the 3rd way (but actually the first way) I wore this vintage scarf for the weekend. The dress has an elastic waistband so instead of covering it with a belt I tied the scarf instead. I thought it was a much more casual way to finish the dress off. And casual was what a beach day and easy dinner called for. I was going to tie it in a bow but I decided to just leave it loose so it could flow in the breeze. 
The dress is from Modcloth and is so easy to wear. It's a throw on and go type of dress, perfect for summers spent on the beach. Plus I'm a sucker for anything with pockets.
Sucre Sunglasses, Purple Bandeau, Modcloth Dress, Minnetoka Moccasins (not pictured)
Shell Bracelet from Market, Vintage Scarf from Beacon's Closet

After dinner we headed into town to walk around and check out the beaches there. And guess what?? That's right John, Paul, George and Ringo were there!
Ok, so it wasn't the actual Beatles (duh) but it was a lot of fun. I heart The Beatles so much. Basically obsessed. It was nice they came out to sing and play for me. I think they put on a few lbs though. Can you guess who's supposed to be who? So dreamy.
We grabbed some tea and coffee and sat on the beach for a while admiring the ocean in front of us and the sunset behind the dunes. Wonderful.
Here's the run down of the three ways I wore the vintage scarf this past weekend!
Some things I wanted to mention before I go;
-There are a couple pictures of me from the Sunshine Girl post over on Little Ocean Annie' s blog. You can see those here. And make sure you check out her Etsy shop! She's having a big moving sale so you can grab some cool vintage finds on the cheap.
-I'm really surprised and happy to see this outfit taking off over on Chictopia! It has been a very pleasant surprise over the weekend and the first time thats happened for me. I wanted to share the news here and say thanks for all the support!
-I'll be fiddling around with the layout over the next few days, so don't run away if things get a little ugly for a while. 

Alright guys, hopefully I can get back on schedule with my posts now. It's been great chatting! Talk soon! 


libys11 said...

you look lovely in that pink dress!! your photos are making me miss going to the beach with my bf around this time of the year.. *sigh* unfortunately he's working outside the city.

anyway.. thanks for sharing these photos! they're really nice! :D

Animated Confessions

Carys said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos, you look lovely! Sounds like so much fun!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mikhaila said...

That dress looks so cute and comfy, I love the color-I never used to be a pink kind of girl but I've been loving it lately!

I love that I got your dress from the switcheroo! haha. I saw pictures of Sarah wearing one of my tops from your vacation, I can't wait to do another swap!

Morgan and Lua said...

Mikhaila, I was never a pink girl either! To be honest I only started wearing pink around the time I started this blog.
My blackberry doesn't have a hot pink bedazzled cover or anything, but I think that pink clothes actually look nice with dark brown hair. I'm sure it would look great on you too!

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