Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Perpetual State of Travel

I just got back from spending the long weekend with Kev and his family at the beach in Delaware. I also made stops outside of DC at Kev's apartment and in Maryland at Kev's parents house. There was alot of bouncing around, on account of the fact that I took Tuesday off to avoid the heinous traffic that I knew would occur should I attempt to leave the beach in Delaware and drive all the way through New Jersey and back into New York on Monday. The idea of that 7+ hour trip did not sit well with me. I was able to get this weekend down to a manageable (sarcasm) 20 hours in the car. The good part was that Kev was driving 10 of those hours through and around the Maryland, Delaware Memorial Day weekend traffic. I was driving through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and into New York. Splitting hairs at that point really.
Now this may seem to you like I hate road trips. On the contrary. I love road trips. It is a goal of mine to drive cross-country at some point in my life. I even wrote a screenplay about this fabled trip in high school and then again in college. Kev and I gave ourselves a road trip to Savannah for our college graduation gift. I enjoy the open the road, the adventure of it, and the fact that now I have Lua to come along on every bit.
Here's where the problem comes in. Driving 5+ hours to see my boyfriend is not my idea of a road trip. This is something that shouldn't be happening. At first (3 years ago since the driving phase of our relationship began) I had trouble adjusting to the driving, then I become accustom to it, then numb to it, and now I'm bothered by it. Yes, I can zone out. I can listen to music and book on tapes and be fine for the drive. It's that feeling after the drive that I can't take. That drained tiredness that comes from fixing your eyes to the road for so long. From, gnawing away at coffee cups on the drive, and tweaking out on the caffeine, because I only have/need coffee when I do the drive. It's the fact that I have to feel that way nearly every other weekend. And the fact that I have to feel that way just to be with the one person I'm supposed to be with.
I shouldn't feel drained on the limited time we get together. I don't want to feel that way. I'm beyond worn out by it. On Kev and my drive from his apartment to his parent's beach house on Friday I turned to him and said, "Imagine living somewhere you didn't have to leave every weekend?"
His response, "I don't remember what that's like."
So to all you out there who live with the one you love; What is it like? Is it as great as they say?
Sucre Sunglasses, Old Tank, Old Bandeau, Modcloth Return of the Mack-rame Belt, Modcloth Bright Bouquet Skirt
Vintage Scarf from Beacon's Closet

Since this post ended up being more about travel than I expected, it honestly just flowed, I'm going to post this outfit out of order. GASP. I know. I don't like to do that, especially considering the semi-OCD, organization freak that's kicking in as I'm writing this, right now. But here it is. This is what I wore Monday.
About the clothes, I like them and this is what I wore when Kev and I left the beach thinking we'd missed the traffic if we left at 6:30pm. We were wrong. Luckily I was wearing a bandeau (nice wireless support), worn-in purple zebra racer back tank, skirt with elastic waistband, and stretchy belt. I wore this vintage scarf three ways this weekend. I thought it would be a fun little challenge for myself. Pictures on that as I post throughout the week.
Kev and I drove off into the sunset together. It was a beautiful night. The littlest things can soften even the worst feelings. Incredible sunset over the fields.
I'm sorry if this post is too much emotion at once for you. Travel is a huge part of my life. Especially the traveling I do to see my boyfriend. It's been on my mind a lot recently and I felt like I needed to write about it. Thanks for listening/reading.

Any else out there going through, has gone through long distance? How do you deal with it?
And what's it like to live somewhere that is truly home? That you don't leave on a regular basis? Do some people really have that?


Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, I love your skirt, and your dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mikhaila said...

You look so great in this outfit! It's so bright and summery, I love it.

I can't imagine having to drive 5 hours every other weekend to see my boyfriend. It's sad that you guys live so far apart but it probably has made your relationship stronger than others in a lot of ways.

SarahAnn said...

Well, you and I have talked about this. I know it stinks.
Easy for me to say I guess, now that we're at this point in life. But I still understand.

But. I LOOOOOOVE the skirt. Love it. You look so pretty.

Bad Taste Toast said...

wow, your photos are so beautiful! lovely outfit on a pretty girl in front of a great landscape! :)

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I have been doing long distance for the past two years, so I know exactly how it feels. Skype helps, a lot. Little texts throughout the day also help us a lot. I've really begun to appreciate the little things.

When I'm home on break we live together, and it's absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it! There's nothing like waking up next to your love day after day.

On a lighter note, lovely pictures!

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