Sunday, June 6, 2010


If you wound up here and find this site completely hideous, I'm sorry! I'm having a lot of trouble getting the right sidebar to pop up to the top of the page. If by any chance you know how to help me/fix this please please tell me. I'm about 6 hours into trying to adjust this new template and I'm completely stumped and frustrated.

In good news I saw a crane at the beach! There's pretty other places, it just doesn't happen to be here at the moment.


Mikhaila said...

Ugh I've been working on mine as well and having no luck either. I wish I was Html saavy! I managed to change my font but that's about it! haha. Good luck!

Candid Phobic said...

I think you need to adjust the size of your main-wrapper in html to balance with your side-wrapper. For example, if the width is 700px, try shrinking it to 620 or something so that there will be enough space for your sidebar :-)

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