Monday, June 14, 2010


On account of the fact that I was away all weekend at a bachelorette party, broke my toe at work today, broke my camera in a wind gust this weekend, and am showing my apartment to potential roommates this week there will be a lot of creative posting going on. 
Its mostly fine by me because I've wanted to slow down a little, play catch up with my real life, and think about things on the site. My re-design is still in process. I'll have some time to sit around and think about how I want my buttons, widgets, header, and other features here to look. If you have any suggestions, things you like, things you hate, tell me. Or if you are an artist of any sort I'd gladly take a peek at your creations as some to use. I'm also taking suggestions on cameras. My saving up has been pushed to a spend now and I want something that takes amazing pictures and is monetarily practical at the same time. Does that exist?
All this isn't to say there's nothing exciting going on here. In fact I'm working on two pretty exciting collaborations for this week. If my toe can fake wear heels for one...well we'll see what happens.
In the meantime. Here's 46 plus minutes of enjoyment for you:
She & Him, Live at Bonnaroo

See you later! Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Mikhaila said...

I love the new layout so far, want to help me with mine after you're done? haha jk.

flattery said...

It's always good to take some time to think about your blog design and stuff.
Canon cameras are always the best.
I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog. Check it out!

Second Skin said...

I love all of the things you have done here. I am sorry to hear about your toe! I think I read some stuff on twitter, but i don't think I ever found out the source of all the well wishes for you. Oh man! AND I for some reason did not register in my head that you were in NY. I am an air brain when it comes to connecting dots. or reading details. I think I have this skewed idea in my head that everyone just lives in these fantasy worlds and I place them in totally far out places. I actually had you in So Cal. Maybe San Diego. Weird right! I mean you were the same one that was going on a vaca to Maine or something and needed a cape pronto right? I get etsy people and blog people confused too. You can imagine that being a visual person is very confusing for an online dot connecting. especially when user names are different everywhere. I am SOOOOOOO rambling here. sorry. I hope you recover soon and that your collaborations turn out well!

Amanda said...

I think your blog looks great, I love the soft colors.

Thanks for giving me the link to that website! It looks great and I've definitely been browsing...if only I had money! (vet bills are expensive!)

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