Monday, June 21, 2010

Circa 1962

This is my first car. It rumbled up to my house Christmas day of my junior year in high school. My parents bought it on Ebay and had it shipped down from where it was working on a farm in Vermont. I drove it to high school everyday my senior year. Driving in the winter was hard. Even though I lived less than a five minute drive to school I would stall out multiple times on the way just because the engine was still too cold to run. I had to lift the hood, and huge tire, every morning to manually turn on and off the battery. I love this car. 
I think the cars we drive really define us. When I went away to college my parents couldn't let me take this car, as it would never make it the 2 1/2 hour drive to school. I was really upset about the 'image' I was loosing. Sure it's shallow, but it's also sentimental. I had such a connection with this car and I really wanted to drive it around campus and have my newest friends see what I felt I was all about. Not something shiny and new, but this old rambling car filled with character. 
Features: John Deere Green exterior paint color from its days as a farm vehicle in Vermont. A bench seat in front, ideal for 60's nights spent necking at drive in movies. Individual wind shield wiper motors. Two front air vents. Four center facing foldable bucket seats in the back. To turn on the brights you have to step on a button. 
Fun Facts: My dad has done nearly all the work on this car to make it run. This is the car I learned to drive manual on. The white roof can be replaced by a canvas soft top, or removed all together for a pick up look. I passed Jerry Seinfield while driving this car and he gave me a thumbs up - true story. If I could go back to 1962 and drive this car cross country, I would in a second. 
The car is retired now, and lives at my parent's beach house. It's only duty to tote people to and from the beach. That sounds like a pretty good life to me. 
Saturday Kev and I got up early and grabbed some breakfast to eat at the beach (note his coffee on the step). I wore this outfit straight to the ocean beach afterwards. My olive green bathing suit is underneath. I've been looking for a giant brown sun hat and when I ran all my errands Friday I found this one! Pleasant little shopping surprise. It can be hard for a brunette to wear brown sometimes. The brown either clashes, or is too matchy. I was a little worried about this brown clashing with my locks, but I think it's alright.  
JCrew Hat, Madewell Dress, Minnetonka Shoes
Vintage Wooden Necklace from Capricious Traveler, Wooden Bracelet from Market, Vintage Scarf from My Mom's Closet

I sent a picture to Jessica of What I Wore again for her Safari Chic Challenge. It just so happens that Land Rovers are commonly used on Safari in Africa. I'm not sure exactly why other than the fact that they're reliable, easy to fix, and great offroad vehicles. If you watch Animal Planet I'm sure you've seen one. 
Besides the car the outfit was safari inspired with the animal print scarf, and giant sun protecting hat. The dress is white to reflect the sun, loose and airy to avoid the heat. Good for safari or beach, either way. ha
Pictures by Kev
Do you feel a connection to your car? Do you think it defines you in some way? 

ps - First official photo shoot with the new camera. What do you think?
pps - Check out the Thriftaway Giveaway here if you haven't yet!


SarahAnn said...

YES! Pics with the car, the car I looooove. Great dress--just as good as a white romper any day. :)

I don't think that my car defines me anymore, though it definitely used to. I was so excited when I first drove little Cecilia the Celica on to campus. It was tiny, sporty, and fast, and I loved squeezing my friends into its back seat, opening the sunroof, and always being the driver.

But I live a different lifestyle now than I did then. And I know what car will better define me now...I just have to wait a bit to get it.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Ooooh this car looks just awesome! I love this whole post to bits! The car, your outfit, the pretty photos! very nice (the new cam seems to be great!)
Unfortunately I don't have an own car, but I really think that cars define their drivers...or at least underline certain character traits :)

jungleworldcitizen said...

The pictures came out great =)
Land Rovers and Jeeps are the loves of my life when it comes to cars. I haven't had my first one yet, in Brazil even used cars are expensive =p
But now that I'm all "grown up" I'm thinking about getting a red mini cooper for the time being, since I suck at parking... hehehe
Have a great week!

Kenzie said...

I feel somewhat defined by the cars that I drive but I never drove a car nearly as BA as yours. Your outfit looks so effortless, I love the belt around the dress, the had, okay I love everything!

Mikhaila said...

This is seriously look gorgeous and the pictures turned out amazing!

I drive a Scion XA-it's small just like me! haha

playing hooksies said...

great car and outfit.

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Yours was one of my favorite looks from the challenge!! Love the white dress and the big floppy hat & all the little details you incorporated! So pretty!

Fashion Butter said...

Hi there - I surfed on over from WIW - your challenge look is awesome! And what beautiful pictures - love how vibrant they are. Just beautiful.

Cubicle Chic said...

Hey! Found you through WIW and really love your look! Your necklace is fantastic! It's also pretty awesome that you shot in front of a Land Rover :) I'll definitely be back to check out future posts!

- Meredith

Seven Dollar Pants said...

Love this car!! adorable. And your outfit is awesome. Thnx for sending your link. we'll be checking u out! JD & CM from Seven Dollar Pants. xx

libys11 said...

now this is just so fantastic!! the photos, the vehicle, the outfit!!! you look amazing!

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dear kate said...

how cute is that car?! good find by your parents! i love how the car fits the style challenge so nicely! :)

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